Sep 20, 2013

You can never be prepared for what life hands you

A couple weeks I love to read some articles and tried to found an information about Gentle Birth. Yes, I wish I could deliver our baby by gentle birth. Gentle birth is not a new birth method. Gentle birth has done by our parents maybe and aour ancestor. Gentle birth is look like primitive birth. By technolgy era, birthing can do by shortcut. Without waiting for contraction, forget delation. When baby due comes, we can come to birth center or hospital and birthing by caesar section.  In gentle birth, we learn about woman body and knowing our baby. We can passed birth without pain.

Oh, well... back to the topic.. by searching of gentle birth information, I found new words about birthing like Doula, midwife, unassisted birth, water birth, natural birth, home birth etc. There are some video that we can watch directly in youtube too about this birth. Yes, technology make it easy. 

Well, this morning I read an article from Website Birth Without Fear, a story of Birth Baby Down Syndrome. I fell empathy with the story. You can read here. Yeah... sometimes life prepared us something out of our expected. And we can never be prepared for life hands to us. We just back to God, believe that God have planned in our life.

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